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Virtual reality in astrophysics
News · 13 December 2020
Virtual reality can turn abstract concepts into experienceable phenomena. Together with OzGrav, I have studied the exciting opportunities of using VR to transform science education and public outreach practices. Take a look and let me know what you think 💫

Visualizing Four Dimensions in Special and General Relativity
News · 26 May 2020
How can we link mathematical concepts with physical intuition and artistic vision to understand the cosmos? My latest Springer Nature chapter explores our historic struggle to visualize spacetime in special and general relativity.

Teacher Workshop: Modern Physics & Digital Learning
News · 03 April 2020
How can we teach modern physics using possibilities of distance learning? Join me for two digital professional development workshops with BroAOF this summer.

Einsteinian Physics in the Classroom
News · 14 January 2020
The Einsteinian Physics Education Research (EPER) Collaboration aims to pool and combine innovative learning approaches. We are proud to have published our first joint paper that reports on an integrated pilot programme that combines physical models and digital resources to explore secondary school students understanding in Einsteinian Physics.

New paper out: Free fall in curved spacetime
News · 20 March 2019
How can we visualise gravity in general relativity? My new article in Physics Education presents a new digital model that illustrates how warped time gives rise to gravity. I hope the model will act as a supplement to the use of the popular rubber sheet model that only takes spatial curvature into account!

Free fall in curved spacetime
Instructional resources · 19 March 2019
Most models of general relativity, such as the popular rubber sheet model, only use spatial curvature to explain gravity. However, gravitational phenomena stem from deformations both in space and time. Why don't we supplement the rubber sheet model with a warped-time model? 😎

General relativity: digital learning environment
Instructional resources · 11 January 2019
Einstein's general theory of relativity challenges our classical understanding of gravity, space, and time. New technologies offer modern ways of teaching these abstract relativistic concepts.

General Relativity on Viten
News · 11 January 2018
Within project ReleQuant, I developed an online learning environment about general relativity targeted at upper secondary school students. In January 2018, the Norwegian Centre for Science Education launched the program on the learning platform Viten. You can find the Norwegian version of the program here.