New paper: girls' interest in Einsteinian physics
08 August 2021
How does Einsteinian physics impact middle-school girls' perception of and interest in physics? My latest paper gives answers and argues that Einsteinian physics offers excellent opportunities to inspire middle-school girls and help them see future possibilities in physics ☺️

More podcast fun!
15 July 2021
We did it again! German physics podcast "Sag mal, du als Physiker" invited me to chat about gravitational waves: we had a blast and I'm sure so will you! Go and check out the episode 🎙

New Philosopher Writers' Award
26 May 2021
Whoop whoop, I won the Writers' Award of my favourite philosophy magazine, the New Philosopher. My piece "The interplay between nature and ourselves" draws on quantum mechanics to explore the centrality of human perception in our attempts to understand the world 🤓

Teaching Einsteinian Physics in Schools
25 May 2021
BIG NEWS: our book "Teaching Einsteinian Physics in Schools - An Essential Guide for Teachers for Teachers in Training and Practice" will come out this July 🎉

IAU PhD Prize
24 May 2021
I am over the moon that the International Astronomical Union awarded me the PhD Prize​ in the Division of Education, Outreach, and Heritage. The prize recognises outstanding scientific achievements of astronomy PhD students around the world ☺️

Embodied cognition in science education
28 April 2021
What is the role of the human body in science education? In my new paper, I combine perspectives of cognitive science, philosophy, and psychology to provide a comprehensive overview of embodied cognition in science education

ECU2021 Live Sessions
19 March 2021
Did you miss the webinars of our virtual physics education session at ECU2021? You can now watch the full webinars and browse all talks on the conference website!

Bend it like dark matter!
25 February 2021
Dark matter is one of the most intriguing scientific mysteries of our time and offers exciting instructional opportunities for physics education in high schools. Check out Julia Woithe and my latest paper in Physics Education!

Podcast with PhysicsHigh
04 February 2021
How did I get into physics? Why do I keep falling down the many rabbit holes of science? And how can we raise scientific literacy? I had a lot of fun talking to PhysicsHigh about my work and my journey into science education and science communication, give it a listen🎙

The invisibility of time dilation
05 January 2021
Many Einsteinian phenomena are invisible to the naked eye and defy our everyday experiences. In our latest paper, Theo Hughes and I explore how we can picture time dilation 🤓

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