The invisibility of time dilation
05 January 2021
Many Einsteinian phenomena are invisible to the naked eye and defy our everyday experiences. In our latest paper, Theo Hughes and I explore how we can picture time dilation 🤓

13 December 2020
Virtual reality can turn abstract concepts into experienceable phenomena. Together with OzGrav, I have studied the exciting opportunities of using VR to transform science education and public outreach practices. Take a look and let me know what you think 💫

11 December 2020
To celebrate the 100th episode of German physics podcast "Sag mal du als Physiker", I joined the team for their anniversary: We talked about Einstein's theory of relativity and tried to wrap our minds around mind-bending ideas of curved space and warped time.

14 September 2020
I'm happy to see my study on girls' attitudes towards Einsteinian Physics as part of the Royal Astronomical Society's Early Career Poster Exhibition. Check out the fantastic work done by so many talented students and researchers in astronomy and space science.

13 August 2020
I'm excited to give a public talk on the foundations of general relativity as part of the online series "Faszination Astronomie Online" hosted by Haus der Astronomie, Center for Astronomy Education and Outreach. The talk is in German and will be live-streamed Tuesday, August 18th 2020, 7pm CEST.

26 May 2020
How can we link mathematical concepts with physical intuition and artistic vision to understand the cosmos? My latest Springer Nature chapter explores our historic struggle to visualize spacetime in special and general relativity.

03 April 2020
How can we teach modern physics using possibilities of distance learning? Join me for two digital professional development workshops with BroAOF this summer.

14 January 2020
The Einsteinian Physics Education Research (EPER) Collaboration aims to pool and combine innovative learning approaches. We are proud to have published our first joint paper that reports on an integrated pilot programme that combines physical models and digital resources to explore secondary school students understanding in Einsteinian Physics.

20 December 2019
Call me Dr. Magdalena Kersting! I have successfully defended my PhD-thesis "Teaching General Relativity in Secondary School" and what a ride it has been! Let's celebrate science and let's bring Einstein's ideas into the classroom!

16 December 2019
The EARLI Mentoring grant supported me to undertake a research stay with Jesper Haglund at the Centre of Science, Mathematics and Engineering Education Research (SMEER) at the University of Karlstad in Sweden. In a short video I reflect on my time in Karlstad and the importance of collaborating with colleagues from abroad.

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