Teaching Einsteinian Physics in Schools

Science doesn’t stop moving; our curriculum must also keep up with the times.

This book will help teachers convey to our children the fundamental principles of the machinery of our universe.

- Alan Finkel, AO FAA FTSE, Former Chief Scientist of Australia

Teaching Einsteinian Physics in Schools book cover
(Cover Image by Carl Knox/OzGrav , All Rights Reserved)

A consistent education within the Einsteinian paradigm requires rethinking of science education across the entire school curriculum, and this is now attracting attention around the world.


This book brings together a coherent set of chapters written by leading experts in the field of Einsteinian physics education. The book begins by exploring the fundamental concepts of space, time, light, and gravity and how teachers can introduce these topics at an early age.


A radical change in the curriculum requires new learning instruments and innovative instructional approaches. Throughout the book, the authors emphasise and discuss evidence-based approaches to Einsteinian concepts, including computer- based tools, geometrical methods, models and analogies, and simplified mathematical treatments.


Teaching Einsteinian Physics in Schools is designed as a resource for teacher education students, primary and secondary science teachers, and for anyone interested in a scientifically accurate description of physical reality at a level appropriate for school education.

Teaching Einsteinian Physics in Schools in the media

Tettere på naturfag i klasserommet

(Closer to science in the classroom)

Hitting the shelves in winter 2021, stay tuned!