I am an educational researcher, physics educator, and science communicator working to bring great science education to as many people as possible.

Why science?

We often experience a visceral rush when we encounter a clever idea or feel awe when we understand something subtle for the first time. I have a life-long goal of getting people excited about science because scientific questions push and stretch our intellect. Science invites us to develop new ideas, hone our curiosity, and think critically. 

Why education?

Education has transformative potential. One of the most important outputs of science education is a love of learning and the ability to continue to learn and grow throughout one’s life. With my work, I wish to modernise science education and have a lasting educational impact. Bringing great science education to students will help them think more clearly about complex ideas and, eventually, enable them to build a better future. 

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Featured News

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IAU PhD Prize

I am over the moon that the International Astronomical Union awarded me the PhD Prize in the Division of Education, Outreach, and Heritage to recognises my outstanding scientific achievements in astronomy education ☺️

Teaching Einsteinian Physics in Schools book cover
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Einsteinian Physics Book

BIG NEWS: our book Teaching Einsteinian Physics in Schools - An Essential Guide for Teachers in Training and Practice has come out. I couldn't be more excited to share this book with you: give it a read and let me know what you think 🎉

Latest news

Magdalena Kersting in front of a black board
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Interview about my research with EduINAF

How do I combine my love for physics & science communication in my research? Claudia Mignone interviewed me about all things relativity, education & creativity for EduINAF 🚀

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Einsteinian physics boosts motivation

How can Einsteinian physics motivate girls in the science classroom - and beyond? Hilde Lynnebakken got curious about my research and interviewed me for science magazine Titan 🤓

Radio on air
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Einsteinian physics on ABC radio

The Science Show on ABC featured a short radio piece on the Einstein-First project in Western Australia and our international book "Teaching Einsteinian physics in schools". Give the show a listen! 📣