I am an educational researcher, physics educator, and science communicator working to bring great science education to as many people as possible.

Why science?

We often experience a visceral rush or feel awe when we encounter a clever idea or understand something subtle for the first time. I have a life-long goal of getting people excited about science because scientific questions push and stretch our intellect. Science invites us to develop new ideas, hone our curiosity, and think critically. 

Why education?

Education has transformative potential. One of the most important outputs of science education is a love of learning and the ability to continue to learn and grow throughout one’s life. With my work, I wish to modernise science education and have a lasting educational impact. Bringing great science education to students will help them think more clearly about complex ideas and, eventually, enable them to build a better future. 

Magdalena Kersting black white in front of a blackboard
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Featured News

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Relativity in Schools

Call me Dr Kersting! I have successfully defended my PhD-thesis 'General Relativity in Secondary School'. Let's bring Einstein's ideas into the classroom! 🤓

Sag mal du als Physiker: Michael Büker, Johannes Kückens, Jens Schröder
Sag mal du als Physiker: Michael Büker, Johannes Kückens, Jens Schröder

Physics Podcast Fun

To celebrate the 100th episode of German physics podcast Sag mal du als Physiker, I joined the team for their anniversary. Give the episode a listen if you speak German 🚀

Latest news

Matteo Luca Ruggiero, Magdalena Kersting, Jackie Bondell, David Blair, Julia Woithe, Einsteinian Physics Education
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Webinars: Einsteinian physics education

Did you miss the webinars of our virtual physics education session at the First Electronic Conference on Universe ECU2021? You can now watch the full webinars and browse all talks and presentations on the conference website! 👨‍💻

Virtual reality solar system and milky way
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New paper: virtual reality in astrophysics

Virtual reality can turn abstract concepts into experienceable phenomena. Together with OzGrav, I have studied VR opportunities to transform science education and public outreach practices. Take a look at my latest paper 💫

smiling gravitational lens
(Image via NASA/ESA Hubble, CC BY 4.0)

New paper: bend it like dark matter!

Dark matter is one of the most intriguing scientific mysteries of our time. In our latest paper, Julia Woithe and I look at the instructional opportunities of dark matter for physics education in high schools 😎