Magdalena Kersting
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Magdalena Kersting

I am an educational researcher, mathematical physicist and science communicator. Currently, I work as a PhD researcher in the physics education group at the University of Oslo. I have developed an online learning environment about Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity and study learning processes in Einsteinian physics. As part of my research, I have been collaborating with the Einstein-First team at the University of Western Australia in Perth and the Education and Public Outreach team of the ARC Centre of Excellence for Gravitational Wave Discovery at Swinburne University in Melbourne, Australia

Featured News

Einstein in a coffee shop
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Relativity Online

So stoked about sharing our general relativity learning environment: After 2 years of development this marks a milestone in my PhD. Take a look & let me know what you think. And do share with the physics teacher or high school student in your life!

Why high school students should learn Einstein's theory of general relativity
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Einstein in Schools

My article on Einsteinian Physics in high schools is National Geographic Education's read of the week! Read on to find out why students should learn about Einstein's most revolutionary ideas from an early age - and how science educators are slowly catching up!

Latest news

light bulb on blackboard
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New paper in Physics Education: Gravity and Warped Time

General relativity is a conceptually rich theory that often eludes non-experts. We identify three confusing relativistic concepts and suggest pedagogical pathways to address these issues in the classroom.

Albert Einstein shows his tongue
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Science Studies Scholarship: Einstein's impact on society

I am grateful to have been awarded a scholarship by the Science Studies Colloquium Series at the University of Oslo to conduct research at the nexus of science studies and science education.

spacetime bubbles
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New paper: Metaimagining end Embodied Conceptions of Spacetime

We live in a 4D-universe but our minds and bodies struggle to perceive four dimensions. How can learners reconcile relativity with their experiential understanding of space, time & gravity?

What's On

Örebru Castle Sweden
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Talk Örebro University

Computer-supported collaborative learning & embodied conceptions of spacetime

November, 28th, 2019

Örebro, Sweden

skyline of Oslo
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ReleQuant Seminar

Project ReleQuant celebrates its completion with a final seminar

December, 19th, 2019

Oslo, Norway

clinking glasses
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Public PhD Defense

General Relativity in Secondary Schools at the Department of Physics

December, 20th, 2019

Oslo, Norway