I am an award-winning educational researcher, physics educator & science communicator working to bring great science education to as many as possible.

Magdalena Kersting science education & communication
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Einstein, Bohr, Solveig conference
(Image via Paul Ehrenfest, Public domain, Wikimedia Commons)

Bohr, Einstein, and our quantum reality

What are the links between quantum physics and our understanding of reality? The crew of German physics podcast "Sag mal du als Physiker" visited me in Copenhagen to get to the bottom of quantum physics 🤓

IMPRESS logo: a network in front of a black hole
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The future of modern physics education

IMPRESS, the monthly seminar series on modern physics education research, hosted a symposium on the future of physics education on June 30 2023. Couldn't make it? Watch the replay online 🙂

Two physics students in front of an interactive white board discussing orbital movement
(Elias Euler, CC BY 4.0, https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/)

The role of the body in science education

I'm super excited to share our latest paper that highlights the importance of embodied cognition perspectives in science education in the form of a dialogue between traditions 🤓

Latest news

Galileo studying a celestial globe
Wellcome Collection gallery via Wikimedia Commons, CC BY 4.0

Launching City-Lab: Galileo

Introducing City-Lab: Galileo, a podcast merging theatre with astrophysics. Tune into our kick-off episode with former Head of Science at NASA, Thomas Zurbuchen 🚀

This scene from the virtual reality tour Bigger Than Big demonstrates the orbit of a white dwarf star and a pulsar that emits jets of energy.
(Image via OzGrav, https://www.ozgrav.org)

Virtual reality in astronomy education

I'm proud to share our latest research paper, in which we reflect on design principles for using virtual reality in astronomy education 💫

Fridtjof Gjengset using his hands to illustrate embodied cognition ideas
(Image via Magnus Boye, IND, All Rights Reserved)

Using embodied cognition to teach coding concepts

This month, my PhD student Fridtjof Gjengset launched his project at his start-up seminar, proposing to leverage embodied principles to enhance computational literacy 👩‍💻