I am an award-winning educational researcher, physics educator & science communicator working to bring great science education to as many as possible.

Magdalena Kersting science education & communication
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IAU PhD prize in astronomy education

I am over the moon that the International Astronomical Union awarded me a PhD Prize in the Division of Education, Outreach & Heritage to recognises my scientific achievements ☺️

IMPRESS logo: a network in front of a black hole
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Modern Physics Education Seminar Series

We are excited to kickstart the International Modern Physics & Research in Education Seminar Series (IMPRESS). Our monthly seminars will give impetus to modern physics education research. Join us 😎

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Niels Bohr Building, Department of Science Education, University of Copenhagen
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Come work with me in Copenhagen

I'm looking for a PhD student who will join me at the University of Copenhagen to break exciting new ground in the emerging field of embodied science education 💥

Black hole image taken by the Event Horizon Telescope
(Image via EHT, https://www.eso.org/public/images/eso1907a/, CC BY 4.0)

Why can't you escape a black hole?

Black holes sound like objects from a science fiction story! Matteo Luca Ruggiero and I wrote an explainer that was reviewed by kids via Frontier for Young Minds 🤓

two students pulling a rope and physics equations
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Putting the body into science education

How can we energise classrooms and foster learning through embodied teaching methods? I wrote a piece on embodied cognition in science education for Teacher Plus 😎