Studying the quality of inquiry-based teaching in science classrooms
News · 23 May 2023
Hot off the press! Our new research paper on inquiry-based science teaching is out now, shedding light on how this instructional method can enhance teaching quality and student participation 🧑‍🏫

The future of physics education
News · 14 May 2023
IMPRESS, the monthly seminar series on modern physics education research, is hosting a symposium on the future of physics education. Get inspired by cutting-edge research and connect with like-minded colleagues on June 30 2023 🙂

Podcast: physics in the classroom
News · 07 May 2023
Many have rather bad memories of their physics classes in school. But why? Is it the subject, the curricula or maybe the teaching methods? And what can we do to change that? I joined German podcast "Sag mal du als Physiker" to discuss physics education in schools 🎙

Bohr, Einstein and the quest for our quantum reality
News · 07 May 2023
What are the links between quantum physics and our understanding of reality? I welcomed Michael, Johannes, and Jens from the German physics podcast "Sag mal du als Physiker" in Copenhagen, the birthplace of Niels Bohr. Tune in to our episode 🤓

The role of the body in science education
News · 25 March 2023
I'm excited to share our latest paper that highlights the importance of embodied cognition perspectives in science education. We explore these perspectives in a dialogue between traditions to unify terminology & position the body in science education 🤓

Encountering Einsteinian physics in the classroom
News · 22 March 2023
How can we realise the full potential of Einsteinian physics in school? I gave a talk at the International Modern Physics & Research in Education Seminar Series (IMPRESS), discussing young girls' interest in and engagement with physics 👩‍🎓

A case for conceptual approaches in general relativity education
News · 02 January 2023
What is the value of conceptual approaches in general relativity education? In my latest opinion piece, I argue that we need to give students more opportunities to reason qualitatively and probe their physical intuition 🙇‍♀️

Come work with me!
News · 19 September 2022
I'm looking for a PhD student who will join me in the Department of Science Education at the University of Copenhagen. The goal of the PhD project is to break exciting new ground in the emerging field of embodied science education 💥

Putting the body into science education
News · 20 June 2022
How can we energise classrooms and foster science learning by embracing embodied teaching methods? I wrote a piece on embodied cognition in science education for Teacher Plus.

Why Can't You Escape a Black Hole?
News · 26 April 2022
Black holes sound like objects from a science fiction story! Matteo Luca Ruggiero and I wrote an explainer that was reviewed and edited by kids via Frontier for Young Minds. How cool is that? Please share with the kids in your life and let us know what you think 🤓

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