A case for conceptual approaches in general relativity education
News · 02 January 2023
What is the value of conceptual approaches in general relativity education? In my latest opinion piece, I argue that we need to give students more opportunities to reason qualitatively and probe their physical intuition.

Come work with me!
News · 19 September 2022
I'm looking for a PhD student who will join me in the Department of Science Education at the University of Copenhagen. The goal of the PhD project is to break exciting new ground in the emerging field of embodied science education 💥

Putting the body into science education
News · 20 June 2022
How can we energise classrooms and foster science learning by embracing embodied teaching methods? I wrote a piece on embodied cognition in science education for Teacher Plus.

Why Can't You Escape a Black Hole?
News · 26 April 2022
Black holes sound like objects from a science fiction story! Matteo Luca Ruggiero and I wrote an explainer that was reviewed and edited by kids via Frontier for Young Minds. How cool is that? Please share with the kids in your life and let us know what you think 🤓

Modern Physics Education Seminar Series
News · 04 April 2022
We are excited to kickstart the International Modern Physics & Research in Education Seminar Series (IMPRESS). Our monthly seminars will give momentum to modern physics education and increase the visibility of physics education research (PER). Join us 😎

The fabulous world of symmetries
News · 31 March 2022
What do snowflakes & snail shells have in common? They exhibit symmetries - and so do the laws of nature! German physics podcast Sag mal du als Physiker invited me to join them for an episode where symmetries lead us to one of the most elegant theorems in theoretical physics ❄️

Modern physics education in Denmark and around the world
News · 25 March 2022
Why should we modernise physics education in schools? I talked to Magnus Boye from the Department of Science Education about my research and new projects at the University of Copenhagen 🙃

Albert belongs in the classroom
News · 24 March 2022
Popular YouTube channel Physics High has reviewed our book Teaching Einsteinian Physics in Schools. Part of the review contains an interview with David Blair and me where we argue for the value of modernising the physics curriculum 🤓

From conceptual change to scientific imagination
News · 22 February 2022
How can history & philosophy of science and science education research inform and influence each other? We take conceptual change and scientific imagination as an example to explore this question.

ChatPhysics Author Q&A Einsteinian Physics
News · 29 January 2022
ChatPhysics invited us to an author Q&A of Teaching Einsteinian Physics in Schools. Missed the event? No worries, you can watch the recording or read the book review over at ChatPhysics 😎

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