About Me

Education is the point at which we decide whether

we love the world enough to assume responsibility for it.

- Hannah Arendt

Why science?

We often experience a visceral rush or feel awe when we encounter a clever idea or understand something subtle for the first time. I have a life-long goal of getting people excited about science because scientific questions push and stretch our intellect. Science invites us to develop new ideas, hone our curiosity, and think critically. 

Why education?

Education has transformative potential. One of the most important outputs of science education is a love of learning and the ability to continue to learn and grow throughout one’s life. With my work, I wish to modernise science education and have a lasting educational impact. Bringing great science education to students will help them think more clearly about complex ideas and, eventually, enable them to build a better future. 

Magdalena Kersting science education
(Image via Magdalena Kersting, All Rights Reserved)

My mission... 

As an educational researcher, to transform and expand science education and find better ways of teaching science. As a physics educator, to foster curiosity about modern physics and lift students up to their potential. As a teacher educator, to guide teachers in training and practice to rethink science education's purpose and potential. As a science communicator, to get people excited about modern physics and tie science into our society. As a colleague and collaborator, to build connections between people in our community and help us see what we have in common. As a mathematical physicist, to pack my brain with abstract thoughts to think with. As a writer, to introduce readers to the pleasures of the complex and subtle. As a human, to study and play and inspire others to do the same.