Science Communication & Outreach

Being a mathematical physicist, I have studied the fundamental structure of our universe.  In my work as a science educator, I now unravel how students wrap their minds around curved space and warped time. As much as I love working with these theoretical concepts, there is one thing I enjoy even more: Sharing my knowledge!


While there are many talented science communicators with a sound background in physics and math, there are few that have the same broad perspective that I gain by pursuing a PhD in Physics Education. Facing the challenge of communicating abstract scientific ideas to others, I can draw from my own research on teaching and learning. It is delightful to help other people make sense of the world around us and to make our society a little smarter along the way!

Magdalena Kersting in front of a blackboard
(Image Magdalena Kersting, All Rights Reserved)

Selection of Articles, Talks, and Interviews

  • Gravitational Waves - sensational confirmation of general relativity - Talk for the Norwegian Ministry of Finance, Oslo, Norway (2017)
  • Different conceptions of time in relativity, quantum physics, and classical physics - Talk for the Norwegian Metrology Service, Oslo, Norway (2017)
  • Modernising Physics Teaching - Teacher Professional Development Workshop for STAWA Future Science, Perth, Australia (2018) 
  • Relatively modern physics teaching: Quantum physics and general relativity - Teacher Professional Development Workshop for Publishing House Bro Aschehoug, Oslo, Norway (2017)

Professional Experience

  • 2015-2018: Diploma Public Relations Management 
    Freie Journalistenschule Berlin, Germany

  • 2013-2016: Project Leader and Mentor of Student Physics Magazine Detektor, Hamburg, Germany

  • 2012: Science Journalism Internship with German Physics Portal "Welt der Physik", Hamburg, Germany


Want more?

I write articles, give popular science talks, and hold workshops on topics in modern physics. Want to glimpse into the fascinating world of Einsteinian Physics? Contact me to inquire about availability, I look forward to hear from you.