Science Communication

At heart, science is the quest for awesome. 

The literal awe that you feel when you understand

something profound for the first time.

- Sean Carroll

Why science communication?

Science communication and public outreach play a major role in the work I love to do. Trained at the Freie Journalistenschule Berlin and with a track record of sparking fascination about modern physics, I am passionate about tying science into society. By translating complex scientific ideas into engaging narratives, I wish to foster curiosity and create moments of awe that resonate with diverse audiences.


If you're interested in bringing science to life and want to collaborate, don't hesitate to contact me. Let's make our society a little smarter, one science story at a time 🙂


Writing is my passion, especially when it involves sharing the beauty and wonder of science. My articles have been featured in prestigious publications such as the New Philosopher magazine – earning accolades including Winner and Runner-up of the Writer's Award – CERN Courier, Lateral Magazine, Titan, and Einstein-Online. My aim is to make complex scientific ideas accessible and enjoyable to a broad audience, no matter the language—English, Norwegian, or German.


Podcasting offers such a cool opportunity to make science engaging. As a regular guest on the German physics podcast 'Sag mal du als Physiker', I love discussing all things modern physics. 'City-Lab: Galileo' is another exciting podcast project developed with Swiss Maison du Futur and Science et Cité. By blending theatre with astrophysics, we dive into Brecht's play ‘Life of Galilei’ and explore how his ideas resonate in today’s conversations about science and society.

Talks & interviews

There is something special about connecting with an audience face-to-face during public talks whether it's at science festivals or university open days. I try to channel that same energy into the interviews I give, from The Science Show on ABC to National Geographic Norway and beyond. With each talk and every interview, I get a new opportunity to ignite curiosity and share my enthusiasm for science.