Science Communication

At heart, science is the quest for awesome. 

The literal awe that you feel when you understand

something profound for the first time.

- Sean Carroll

Magdalena Kersting in front of equations
(Image via Inga Sommer Photographie, All Rights Reserved)

Science communication and public outreach play a major role in the work I love to do. I use my knowledge as an educational researcher and physics educator to stimulate and sustain interest in science. It is very cool to help other people make sense of the world around us - and make our society a little smarter along the way 🚀

I have extensive experience developing engaging education and outreach activities for diverse audiences including school children, the general public, and teachers in training and practice. I also give popular science talks, lectures, and workshop and write articles in English, Norwegian, and German. Contact me to inquire about availability 🤓

Selection of Articles, Talks, Podcasts, and Interviews