Science Communication & Outreach

At heart, science is the quest for awesome. 

The literal awe that you feel when you understand

something profound for the first time.

- Sean Carroll

Magdalena Kersting in front of a blackboard
(Image Magdalena Kersting, All Rights Reserved)

Science communication and outreach play a major role in the work I love to do. Facing the challenge of stretching everyone's minds with concepts of modern physics and astronomy, I can draw from my own research.  I try to use my knowledge as a science educator to engage, stimulate, and sustain interest in science outside of the classroom and the school context as well. It is very cool to help other people make sense of the world around us - and to contribute to making society a little smarter along the way. 

Selection of Articles, Talks, and Interviews

  • Gravitational Waves - sensational confirmation of general relativity - Talk for the Norwegian Ministry of Finance, Oslo, Norway (2017)
  • Different conceptions of time in relativity, quantum physics, and classical physics - Talk for the Norwegian Metrology Service, Oslo, Norway (2017)
  • Modernising Physics Teaching - Teacher Professional Development Workshop for STAWA Future Science, Perth, Australia (2018) 
  • Relatively modern physics teaching: Quantum physics and general relativity - Teacher Professional Development Workshop for Publishing House Bro Aschehoug, Oslo, Norway (2017)

Professional Experience

  • 2015-2018: Diploma Public Relations Management 
    Freie Journalistenschule Berlin, Germany

  • 2013-2016: Project Leader and Mentor of Student Physics Magazine Detektor, Hamburg, Germany

  • 2012: Science Journalism Internship with German Physics Portal "Welt der Physik", Hamburg, Germany


Want more?

I write articles, give popular science talks, and hold workshops on topics in modern physics. Want to glimpse into the fascinating world of Einsteinian Physics? Contact me to inquire about availability, I look forward to hear from you.