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Gravity and warped time
Instructional resources · 04 December 2019
Curved space and warped time?! Many relativistic concepts can seem confusing at first. Together with a physics teacher and two experts in modern physics, I have identified three particularly confusing issues in general relativity. We explain the conceptually tricky concepts and present instructional strategies that are suitable for students at the secondary school level.

Free fall in curved spacetime
Instructional resources · 19 March 2019
Most models of general relativity, such as the popular rubber sheet model, only use spatial curvature to explain gravity. However, gravitational phenomena stem from deformations both in space and time. Why don't we supplement the rubber sheet model with a warped-time model? 😎

General relativity: digital learning environment
Instructional resources · 11 January 2019
Einstein's general theory of relativity challenges our classical understanding of gravity, space, and time. New technologies offer modern ways of teaching these abstract relativistic concepts.