Einsteinian Physics in the Classroom

Einsteinian Physics Education Research Collaboration at the Gravity Discovery Centre in GinGin, Australia
(Image EPER collaboration, All Rights Reserved)

The Einsteinian Physics Education Research (EPER) Collaboration aims to pool and combine innovative learning approaches in the learning domain of Einsteinian Physics. We are proud to have published our first joint paper in The Physics Educator that reports on an integrated pilot programme that combines physical models and digital resources to explore secondary school students understanding in Einsteinian Physics. 


In this study, we describe and evaluate an integrated programme consisting of the teaching units “gravity and warped time”, “gravity is geometry”, and “quantum weirdness”. The units rely on physical models or digital learning resources. Both approaches proved successful in introducing Einsteinian concepts. By reporting on this integrated programme, we wish to share our model of an international physics education collaboration. Raising awareness for the need and possibility of introducing Einsteinian physics to school curricula, we hope to offer valuable impetus to the field of physics education that will inspire researchers and teachers alike.


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