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Podcast: the theory of everything
News · 14 March 2024
Even Indiana Jones might feel a twinge of jealousy! Alongside the team from Sag mal du als Physiker, I embarked on a quest for the holy grail of physics - the legendary theory of everything. If you're a German speaker, tune into the episode 🤠

IMPRESS season 5
News · 08 January 2024
New year, new season of IMPRESS! Our favourite seminar series on modern physics education research returns for another season – mark the dates in your calendar 💥

December 2023 Newsletter
Newsletter archive · 21 December 2023
In this December issue, I explore what good science education looks like and how it's transforming classrooms in Denmark and across the world. You'll get an insider's look at one of our STEM teacher courses; there is a reflection on the future of physics education and a podcast on interpreting quantum physics. As we wrap up this exciting and challenging year, I invite you to join me in envisioning an even brighter future for science education in 2024.

A compass pointing towards one direction with physics equations in the background
News · 17 December 2023
How can we modernise physics education? In our latest directions paper, we bring together four leading physics educators who present visions for the future of our field 🧭

A cubist painting of a person pondering quantum physics
News · 14 December 2023
What do you think about the different interpretations of quantum physics? And which one is your favourite? This is a deeply personal, sometimes delicate issue among physicists – and one that I explore in the latest episode of "Sag mal du als Physiker".

IMPRESS returns for a fourth season
News · 27 September 2023
Buckle up, physics fans! IMPRESS, the International Modern Physics & Research in Education Seminar Series, is back for its fourth season 🚀

Virtual reality in astronomy education
News · 13 August 2023
I'm excited to share our latest paper, in which we reflect on design principles for using virtual reality in astronomy education 💫

The future of physics education
News · 14 May 2023
IMPRESS, the monthly seminar series on modern physics education research, is hosting a symposium on the future of physics education. Get inspired by cutting-edge research and connect with like-minded colleagues on June 30 2023 🙂

Bohr, Einstein and the quest for our quantum reality
News · 07 May 2023
What are the links between quantum physics and our understanding of reality? I welcomed Michael, Johannes, and Jens from the German physics podcast "Sag mal du als Physiker" in Copenhagen, the birthplace of Niels Bohr. Tune in to our episode 🤓

Encountering Einsteinian physics in the classroom
News · 22 March 2023
How can we realise the full potential of Einsteinian physics in school? I gave a talk at the International Modern Physics & Research in Education Seminar Series (IMPRESS), discussing young girls' interest in and engagement with physics 👩‍🎓

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