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Metaphors in learning and doing physics
News · 13 February 2024
Clearly, metaphors are ubiquitous in physics. But what distinct roles do metaphors actually play in processes of doing, learning, and teaching physics? Together with Rubén Sampieri-Cábal I look for answers to this question 🙂

IMPRESS season 5
News · 08 January 2024
New year, new season of IMPRESS! Our favourite seminar series on modern physics education research returns for another season – mark the dates in your calendar 💥

December 2023 Newsletter
Newsletter archive · 21 December 2023
In this December issue, I explore what good science education looks like and how it's transforming classrooms in Denmark and across the world. You'll get an insider's look at one of our STEM teacher courses; there is a reflection on the future of physics education and a podcast on interpreting quantum physics. As we wrap up this exciting and challenging year, I invite you to join me in envisioning an even brighter future for science education in 2024.

A compass pointing towards one direction with physics equations in the background
News · 17 December 2023
How can we modernise physics education? In our latest directions paper, we bring together four leading physics educators who present visions for the future of our field 🧭

IMPRESS returns for a fourth season
News · 27 September 2023
Buckle up, physics fans! IMPRESS, the International Modern Physics & Research in Education Seminar Series, is back for its fourth season 🚀

Virtual reality in astronomy education
News · 13 August 2023
I'm excited to share our latest paper, in which we reflect on design principles for using virtual reality in astronomy education 💫

June 2023 Newsletter
Newsletter archive · 27 June 2023
We're all set to IMPRESS you! In this June 2023 edition, we put a spotlight on the much-anticipated IMPRESS Symposium. A sparkling get-together of engaging talks, innovative research, and stimulating debates, we promise it's going to be a blast. As if that's not enough, we take a deep dive into inquiry-based science teaching and explore how embodied cognition can boost computational literacy in STEM.

The future of physics education
News · 14 May 2023
IMPRESS, the monthly seminar series on modern physics education research, is hosting a symposium on the future of physics education. Get inspired by cutting-edge research and connect with like-minded colleagues on June 30 2023 🙂

Podcast: physics in the classroom
News · 07 May 2023
Many have rather bad memories of their physics classes in school. But why? Is it the subject, the curricula or maybe the teaching methods? And what can we do to change that? I joined German podcast "Sag mal du als Physiker" to discuss physics education in schools 🎙

The role of the body in science education
News · 25 March 2023
I'm excited to share our latest paper that highlights the importance of embodied cognition perspectives in science education. We explore these perspectives in a dialogue between traditions to unify terminology & position the body in science education 🤓

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