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From the cosmos to the classroom
News · 08 November 2023
How do science education, science communication, and public outreach intersect and overlap? And how do our evolving education and communication practices affect our understanding of science and its place in society? Together with Urban Eriksson, I wrote a feature for CERN Courier reflecting on these questions 📣

Hosting the ESERA SIG6 Meeting
News · 27 September 2023
I am proud to have hosted the ESERA SIG6 Meeting 2023 in Copenhagen. With about 30 scholars participating in vibrant discussions on languages and literacies in science education, the event was a great success 🥳

Virtual reality in astronomy education
News · 13 August 2023
I'm excited to share our latest paper, in which we reflect on design principles for using virtual reality in astronomy education 💫

Studying the quality of inquiry-based teaching in science classrooms
News · 23 May 2023
Hot off the press! Our new research paper on inquiry-based science teaching is out now, shedding light on how this instructional method can enhance teaching quality and student participation 🧑‍🏫