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General Relativity

Einstein's general theory of relativity challenges our classical understanding of gravity, space, and time. New technologies offer modern ways of teaching these abstract relativistic concepts.


Within project ReleQuant, I developed a digital learning environment about general relativity that brings Einstein's mind-boggling theory to physics classrooms.


The resources make innovative use of interactive and collaborative modes of learning and foster qualitative understanding of key concepts in general relativity.


The design of the learning environment is a result of iterative class room trials in collaboration with physics teachers to guarantee an authentic learning experience for students. 

Teacher Workshops

To familiarise teachers with our digital learning resources, I hold professional development workshops. Please get in touch to inquire about upcoming workshops.


Have you used our learning environment in your class room? Please let me know what you think. I would love to hear about your experiences with our resources!

Other Resources

If you want to find more useful material on teaching and learning of Einsteinian Physics, drop me a line or take a look at these educational projects: