Technology & education

Technology shapes the lives of learners and has become a means to experience and understand the world. From computer simulations and extended reality learning environments to shared virtual spaces and teaching platforms, technologies open exciting opportunities to enrich how we teach and learn science. 


With my research, I aim to foster scientific literacy through technology. A better understanding of the educational potential of emerging technologies allows us to  develop practical and innovative learning designs that make science concepts experienceable, relevant and meaningful for learners. 

Technology-enhanced education: phone and molecule
(Image by Magdalena Kersting, created with Canva)

Examples of research questions

  • How can technology elevate instructional practices in science classrooms?
  • How do learners experience and engage with a virtual reality tour at a science festival?
  • What are design principles for extended reality experiences in (in)formal science education?

Examples of talks

Examples of publications*

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