20 December 2019
Call me Dr. Magdalena Kersting! I have successfully defended my PhD-thesis "Teaching General Relativity in Secondary School" and what a ride it has been! Let's celebrate science and let's bring Einstein's ideas into the classroom!

12 December 2019
What can we learn from gravitational wave observations? Jens Kube and I have written an article about the first catalogue of cosmic collisions and the enormous scientific potential of these observations.

05 December 2019
General relativity is a conceptually rich theory that often eludes non-experts. We identify three potentially confusing concepts and suggest pedagogical pathways to address these issues.

17 June 2019
I am so grateful to have been awarded a scholarship by the Science Studies Colloquium Series at the University of Oslo: This scholarship will allow me to conduct research at the nexus of science studies and science education.

06 April 2019
We live in a four-dimensional universe but our minds and bodies struggle to perceive four dimensions. How can learners reconcile Einstein's abstract theory with their experiential understanding of space, time & gravity?

20 March 2019
Congratulations to Prof. David Blair and his team at the University of Western Australia who have been awarded a grant to integrate Einsteinian Physics into Australian curricula and to evaluate learning progression through primary and secondary school!

20 March 2019
How can we visualise gravity in general relativity? My new article in Physics Education presents a new digital model that illustrates how warped time gives rise to gravity. I hope the model will act as a supplement to the use of the popular rubber sheet model that only takes spatial curvature into account!

20 March 2019
I'm so happy to have been awarded an EARLI Mentoring Grant 2019: I will visit Jesper Haglund at Karlstad University, Sweden, to learn more about embodied cognition in Science Education. Yay!

13 February 2019
General relativity is a challenge for physics education. I was invited to give a talk at the Heraeus seminar in Bad Honnef to discuss conceptual challenges in general relativity. Find my talk here.

24 September 2018
A popular analogy compares the geometry of curved spacetime to a rubber sheet. Yet, science educators have shown that this representation can get in the way of a more abstract understanding of Einstein’s theory of gravity. The findings hint to a deeper mechanism about how human cognition works.

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