13 September 2018
I recently moved to the other end of the world in the name of science. Join me on my academic adventures on my travel blog hosted by Titan, the science magazine of the University of Oslo. 🌏

12 June 2018
In curved spaces, geometry can play tricks on you. And tricky geometry lies at the heart of Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity. I wrote a feature for Lateral Magazine mapping out a geometric way of teaching relativity.

29 May 2018
Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity is rarely present in school physics curricula due to its abstract nature. Yet, our research suggests that upper secondary students can obtain a qualitative understanding of general relativity. Read our latest research article to see how we introduced students to the world of relativity.

11 January 2018
Within project ReleQuant, I developed an online learning environment about general relativity targeted at upper secondary school students. In January 2018, the Norwegian Centre for Science Education launched the program on the learning platform Viten. You can find the Norwegian version of the program here.

05 January 2018
Despite our better knowledge, physics in schools is still taught from an outdated 19th century point of view. I think students should learn about curved space and warped time from an early age. Why? Take a look at my article on Titan.