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Using embodied cognition to teach abstract coding concepts
News · 26 June 2023
This month, my PhD student Fridtjof Gjengset launched his project at his start-up seminar, proposing to leverage embodied cognition principles to enhance computational literacy in STEM 👩‍💻

The role of the body in science education
News · 25 March 2023
I'm excited to share our latest paper that highlights the importance of embodied cognition perspectives in science education. We explore these perspectives in a dialogue between traditions to unify terminology & position the body in science education 🤓

Come work with me!
News · 19 September 2022
I'm looking for a PhD student who will join me in the Department of Science Education at the University of Copenhagen. The goal of the PhD project is to break exciting new ground in the emerging field of embodied science education 💥

Putting the body into science education
News · 20 June 2022
How can we energise classrooms and foster science learning by embracing embodied teaching methods? I wrote a piece on embodied cognition in science education for Teacher Plus.

What is embodied cognition in science education?
FAQ · 14 April 2022
Embodied cognition in science education serves as an umbrella term for different approaches to bodily learning processes in science. The study of embodied cognition builds on the assumption that we can improve our understanding of the mind by characterising the role of the body in cognition. Science education provides a vital proving ground for embodied theories of cognition: science deals with the world around us & learners understand & experience this world through & with their bodies.

Runner-up for New Philosopher
News · 24 August 2021
chose my piece "Spaces without and within" as the runner-up for their writers' award Slightly smiling face Check out the upcoming issue to find my musings on space & how space enables and restricts our abilities to make sense of the cosmos Woman astronaut

Embodied cognition in science education
News · 28 April 2021
What is the role of the human body in science education? In my new paper, I combine perspectives of cognitive science, philosophy, and psychology to provide a comprehensive overview of embodied cognition in science education

EARLI Mentoring Grant
News · 16 December 2019
The EARLI Mentoring grant supported me to undertake a research stay with Jesper Haglund at the Centre of Science, Mathematics and Engineering Education Research (SMEER) at the University of Karlstad in Sweden. In a short video I reflect on my time in Karlstad and the importance of collaborating with colleagues from abroad.

New paper: Metaimagining and Embodied Conceptions of Spacetime
News · 06 April 2019
We live in a four-dimensional universe but our minds and bodies struggle to perceive four dimensions. How can learners reconcile Einstein's abstract theory with their experiential understanding of space, time & gravity?

EARLI Mentoring Grant: Embodied Cognition in Physics Education
News · 20 March 2019
I'm so happy to have been awarded an EARLI Mentoring Grant 2019: I will visit Jesper Haglund at Karlstad University, Sweden, to learn more about embodied cognition in Science Education. Yay!

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